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Video: Todd Turner Listening Session

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Next up from Andy Zmidzinski, a “Greenbelt Minute” about County Councilman Todd Turner’s recent listening session for Greenbelt residents. Topics include: tax increases, repeal of TRIM and possible Lakeside North development.


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  1. Hon. Todd M. Turner
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    While I appreciate Mr. Zmidzinski’s efforts to distill the almost 3 hour Listening Session into a 1 minute summary, I would direct you to the video of the entire meeting for an accurate picture of the discussion.


  2. Andy Zmidzinski
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    Mr. Turner,

    I believe my one minute distillation of the listening session is accurate.

    1) The listening session was scheduled for 2 hours. You and your presenters spoke for 90 minutes, 3/4 of the allotted time. What perception do you think people are left with when that happens? Perhaps you should consider listening more and talking less.

    2) You absolutely do want to raise taxes. The repeal of TRIM would raise taxes. The repeal of Question I would accelerate those tax increases.

    3) Your presenters explanation for why expenses would outpace revenue were vague. I repeat, vague.

    4) My reporting of your responses to questions regarding Lakeside North development is accurate and I stand by it.

    Respectfully yours,

    Andy Zmidzinski

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