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Scottish Country Dancing at the Community Center

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by Ellen Ternes

Looking for fun exercise with super music and nice people? Then try Scottish Country dancing at the Greenbelt Community Center, every Tuesday night from 8 to 10, with the St. Columba’s Scottish Country dance group. Just stop by any Tuesday night to take a look or give it a try. Your first time on the floor with us is free.

What IS Scottish Country dancing?

Think of it as contra dance on adrenaline. We dance in lines with partners and other couples, but it’s more energetic, and each dance takes only about 5 minutes. Scots are ready to move on!

You don’t need to come with a partner – we change partners for every dance. You don’t need a kilt, and soft sole shoes are fine.

You can learn the footwork and figures in classes that run from September – May. In the summer we do social dancing – not much instruction, but the teacher will tell you what to do.

Our next beginner class starts in September.

There are other Scottish Country dancing groups in the DC area and, in fact, around the world. We have a lot of social events on weekends, where we dance to some of the best live music on the East Coast. In February we host our annual Valentine Dance in the Greenbelt Community Center gym.

Questions? Email Ellen Ternes: ellenter@comcast.net.

Photo credits: top photo by Danni Downing. All others by Julie Depenbrook.


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