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Compost and other Creative Uses for Popcorn at Old Greenbelt Theatre


Ever wonder what happens to the unsold popcorn at the Old Greenbelt Theatre? This being Greenbelt, it’s composted, naturally.

I’m not sure I even knew popcorn could be composted, though a quick Googling of good sources confirmed that it can, as long as it’s not drenched in flavor-enhancers. Not a problem. Unsold popcorn at the OGT is fine to compost because it’s been cooked in coconut oil and free of the butter flavoring added for some customers.


Here volunteer Mary-Denise Smith and office coordinator Carol McAdam are prepping unsold popcorn for pick-up by one of several composters organized by Gary Bumbalo. Most of them add the popcorn to their bins at home or in their community garden plot, the exception being one popcorn-collector who feeds it to her chickens. (Hmm, is there a photo of that?)


Here’s some of the theater’s popcorn in action at the Hamilton Place Community Garden, shown in Gary Bumbalo’s spiffy new compost bin and scattered by another gardener on top of a raised bed. Presumably, some of the kernels become a grab-and-go lunch for squirrels or other wildlife grab, becoming part of the circle of life that way.

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