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On Camping in Greenbelt: A Volunteer’s Experience

By Glynn Wilson GREENBELT, Md. – Like a modern day Henry David Thoreau, I moved out of a house in town into the woods three years ago. The best place I found to camp near the nation’s capital turned out to be Greenbelt Park. Three years later, on the 200th anniversary of Thoreau’s birthday, I end up back here as ...
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Corner Make-over and Greenbelt’s Black-Eyed Susans

Last fall I wrote about the jungle-to-garden make-over I’d just started at the corner of Westway and Ridge Roads. To refresh, here’s what it looked like. I passed it every day and let’s just say it didn’t help my mood. I jumped at the chance to do a make-over – with donated plants and months of weeding. A year later here’s the ...
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Greenbelt (Almost) Gets a Great New Bike Trail

by Jeff Lemieux Greenbelt is putting the finishing touches on a great new bike trail that connects Cherrywood Lane, a key bike route that goes past the Greenbelt Metro station, with Branchville Ave, which is the main access road to Lake Artemesia and an entry point to the extensive Anacostia tributary trail system. The new connector trail allows cyclists to ...
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Off the Beach at North Beach

Recently Greenbelter Christine Doran took her kids to North Beach for the day and reviewed it here on the blog. Much discussion followed in the Greenbelters Facebook group and I was prompted to go see the place for myself by commenter Brian Real, who told us he grew up there. He suggested that if access to the beach seems kind of ...
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Barbara Stevens Retrospective Art Show

Ray and Barbara Stevens Editor’s Note: The Barbara Stevens Retrospective Art Show is on view at the New Deal Cafe now through July 24. Speaking of the New Deal, Barbara created the History of the New Deal Cafe, an interactive website. Ray and Barbara have lived in Greenbelt for 27 years.  by Elizabeth Barber The last movement of many many musical ...
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Visiting the “Lost” Town of London

by Greenbelter Lauren R. Silberman, Deputy Director, Historic London Town and Gardens  I first visited Historic London Town and Gardens in 2006. To be honest, I’d never heard of it before but was intrigued that there was a place nearby that told the story of a “lost” colonial town. Not only that, but London Town also offered several acres of woodland ...
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Day Tripping to North Beach, MD

by Christine Doran I took my kids (aged 8 and 11) to the shore last Thursday. It’s been quite a few years since we tried one of the beaches within day-trip distance of Greenbelt, and I hadn’t been impressed by the oily, staining, orange sand at Sandy Point back then. However, local friends assured me that the other beaches had ...
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Susan Barnett Greenbelt Zero Waste Circle

Composting and Zero Waste in Greenbelt

The latest Greenbelt Minute video from Andy Zmidzinski ...
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Day Tripping to Sandy Point

I’d seen the beach at Sandy Point State Park many times as I glanced quickly to the left while crossing the Bay Bridge on my way to the ocean, but had never seen this view – up close, looking back at the bridge – until recently. This is just 35 minutes from Greenbelt (off-rush). It cost me just $4 to ...
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New Deal Cafe News – June 2017

Greenbelt’s New Deal Cafe now has a monthly e-newsletter and I’m posting them here, too – because the Cafe is our Living Room and Night Spot. Selfishly, it’s very important in my life. So I teamed up with manager Heather Brooks to create e-newsletters and it’s been fun – the perfect volunteer gig for me. More jobs they need volunteers for ...
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Wildflowers and Pollinators at Buddy Attick Park

Greenbelters, have you noticed the serious blooming and buzzing action going on at Buddy Attack Park right now? It’s happening in the fabulous “Wildflower Area and Pollinator Garden, which is nicely sited between the open lawn and the woodland picnic area. It’s high-visibility, but protected by simple post-and-rope barrier and the signage. Thank you, City of Greenbelt!! But here’s my ...
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1st New Deal Cafe News and Alert

Click here and subscribe to receive these e-newsletters directly via Mailchimp. Greetings from Greenbelt’s New Deal Cafe To members and fans of the New Deal, welcome to your first e-newsletter! With new management and kitchen teams in place, we’re coming up for air and launching regular updates – because there’s LOTS going on. Alert! The Café Needs your Help NOW ...
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Where Greenbelters go Dancing, 2017 Edition

Here’s a round-up of social-dancing opportunities IN Greenbelt and where Greenbelters go dancing nearby, focusing on social dancing – not jazzercize, zumba, or other workout-focused dancing. The information is up to date as of May 2017 but if you spot an error or omission, please tell us in a comment. Scottish Country Dancing happens every Tuesday from 8 to 10 ...
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Scottish Country Dancing at the Community Center

by Ellen Ternes Looking for fun exercise with super music and nice people? Then try Scottish Country dancing at the Greenbelt Community Center, every Tuesday night from 8 to 10, with the St. Columba’s Scottish Country dance group. Just stop by any Tuesday night to take a look or give it a try. Your first time on the floor with us is ...
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How to Go Car-Less in Greenbelt

Up to date as of May 1, 2017. If you spot an error or have an something you’d like added, please describe it in a comment. In compiling this information I surveyed users of public transportation I happen to know and the 3,500+ members of the Greenbelters Facebook Group for help, and gotten lots of it. Bottom line, living car-less ...
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Greenbelt’s Very Own Silver Diner

Silver Diner restaurants have been popular in our area since they first opened in Rockville back in 1989. They now have 14 local locations, including – thankfully! – one on Greenbelt Road. See, because of the company’s emphasis on local sourcing and healthy food, I’d long been a fan but had never lived close enough to a Silver Diner to ...
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Movie Review “Beauty and the Beast”

Movie Review “Beauty and the Beast”

Now playing at Old Greenbelt Theatre. At the end of Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête, a famous actress—either Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich—cried out, “Where is my beautiful Beast?” Cocteau’s poetic black and white film, although made in 1946 under post-war deprivation and scarcity, has defined all other film versions of the French fairy tale, including Disney’s 1991 ...
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Discovering How-To Videos at the Greenbelt Library Online

For at least 15 years I’ve been turning to the instructional videos at Lynda.com to tackle the many, many technical challenges coming at us seemingly nonstop. At Lynda I’ve learned photo and video editing, Windows in its many iterations, ditto for iPhone versions, and most recently, how use social media for nonprofits. But high-quality instructional videos like the ones at ...
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How Greenbelters Talk Online

Back in November of 2014 I wrote a blog post called “How Greenbelters Talk Online” and boy, is it ever out of date! So here’s the latest on how we Greenbelters are communicating among ourselves online, in 2017. The info is up to date as of 3/29/17. Corrections and additions are welcome – just leave a comment. The Move to Facebook ...
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What to do in the Garden this Spring, in 400 Words

Island garden in 5 Court Ridge, newly created. I was asked to write a short article for the GHI Communicator about what to do in the garden, for their April issue. So I enlisted help from the gardeners in GHI’s Yard Solutions Task Force, and then boiled it down to the requested 400 words. Here’s what we came up with: ...
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