Gubernatorial Candidate Ben Jealous Comes to Greenbelt

A big thank-you to Maryland Democratic candidate for governor Ben Jealous for spending the afternoon with us at the New Deal Cafe, and to everyone who donated their time and talents to the event. It was terrific. On behalf of Greenbelt Online I got to play journalist and actually interview him! Starting with Greenbelt-specific issues: he’s against the Maglev but ...
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The Homes of Greenbelt Homes, Inc

Greenbelt is one of three New Deal-era “greenbelt” towns created to provide housing and jobs during the Great Depression. It was recognized as a National Landmark Historic District. for its architecture, planning, landscape, and community attributes, but here we’ll focus just on the historic housing styles. (For more of the fascinating history of Greenbelt click here.) At Greenbelt’s launch in 1937, all ...
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Services for Greenbelt Seniors

(Updated January 2018) Greenbelt seniors have access to amazing resources offered by our city, county and state! SO many resources, they can be confusing. So, one by one: GREENBELT ASSISTANCE IN LIVING PROGRAM (GAIL) provides information and support to enable seniors to remain in their homes. The Greenbelt Assistance in Living Program was established in 2001 and is available to senior citizens ...
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Greenbelt Minute: Proposed MAGLEV Train

Another terrific video by Andy Zmidzinski on an extremely important topic. On the Greenbelt Access Television YouTube channel. Saturday January 20, 2018 citizens and local political leaders gathered to consolidate efforts to stop a proposed SC MAGLEV line. The proposed route alignments could harm community schools & protected forest ...
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Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Greenbelt

Eastbound Crescent Road bike lane abruptly ends at Northway by John Campanile Being relatively new to Greenbelt – having moved to Our Fair City in December 2016 – I have explored both on- and off-street trails and roads in and around Greenbelt. From what I’ve seen, there are quite a few residents who either walk or bicycle, perhaps running errands, ...
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5 Tips for Finding a Job That Matters

by Greenbelter and career counselor Ronda Ansted Greenbelt has long been a city of idealism, starting with its inception as the first planned community in the United States. In fact, I moved to Greenbelt because I saw a commitment to community when I first visited here. There’s something about this area, perhaps its proximity to the nation’s most powerful political ...
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Greenbelt Lake is NO Place for Water Bottles

Another great “Greenbelt Minute” from videographer Andy Zmidzinski. In this one he follows CHEARS volunteers Joe Robbins, Bob Cahalan and Eugenia Kalnay as they remove plastics and other crap out of Greenbelt Lake. Thanks, volunteers! ...
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Radburn, NJ – the Garden-City Model for Greenbelt

On the right, the Kopnik home in Radburn, garden side Since moving to Greenbelt I’d become interested in Radburn, the New Jersey development that was America’s first garden city and the predecessor to Greenbelt. So I visited Radburn this past October, and had the good fortune to be connected with the very best tour guides there, thanks to Greenbelt scholar ...
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“Greenbelt Talks” – about MAGLEV!

Here’s the first of hopefully many Greenbelt Talks videos addressing important issues to Greenbelters. In this episode, host Dave Zahren interviews panelists Dr. Laura Kressler, Susan Barnett, Brian Almquist, and Rachel Cain (Prince George’s Sentinel reporter). Kudos to videographer/producer Andy Zmidzinski! ...
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Curb Gardens

GHI Office Garden Make-Over

GHI members and visitors will remember this main entrance to the office on Hamilton Place, where old, overgrown Junipers encroached on the doorway and were then sheared back with electric tools. This is the view leaving the building’s other entrance, with lots of needle-browning and branch die-off caused by shearing – the type of pruning that’s fast but unfortunately, ultimately ...
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Solar Farms in Greenbelt?

by Jeff Lemieux Several years ago, I wrote about trying to transform some of Greenbelt’s empty parking lots into usable space. Here’s an idea: what about community *solar farms? I have four locations in mind so far:  1) the southmost (virtually unused) field at Northway fields, or at least the huge outfield section, 2) the far back parking lot at ...
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New Documentary about the Greenbelt News Review

If you love Greenbelt or are simply curious about it, you won’t want to miss Defending Utopia: The Greenbelt News Review at 80. That’s the new one-hour documentary about the paper – and Greenbelt itself – by Greenbelt documentarian Susan Gervasi, commissioned to celebrate the paper’s 80 years of continuous service to the town. The title comes from the libel suit against ...
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How to Elect Challengers to the City Council? Bullet Voting

Greenbelt has an unusual system for electing its city council and mayor, which I find curiously undemocratic. Council members all represent the entire city – they’re “at-large” – unlike in most cities where council members represent geographic wards or districts. There are some big problems with an at-large system. At-Large Voting Gives Incumbents a Nearly Insurmountable Advantage over Challengers This ...
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Fitness at the Greenbelt Fitness and Aquatic Center

This is an updated version of a 2014 overview here. The information here is current as of October 2017. I’m a huge fan of the city-owned Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center, thanks to learning of its fitness facilities during a guided tour with Cheryl Conrad back in 2013. She recently helped me update this overview. Overall Review Before getting into the details, ...
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City Council Candidate Videos

Greenbelt videographer Andy Zmidzinski offered  candidates for Greenbelt City Council the chance to talk to voters in a short video, and all seven challenges and six incumbents took advantage of the opportunity. Thanks to them, and of course to Andy Z! CHALLENGERS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER INCUMBENTS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER NOW VOTE NOVEMBER 7 – OR EARLIER! ...
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Aqua Zumba Party-001

Aquatics and Events at the GAFC

Aqua Zumba Party by Souzan Noaman, Administrative Assistant at GAFC The Greenbelt Aquatic & Fitness Center (GAFC) offers a large variety of classes for all ages (birth-60+) throughout the year. We operate 365 days/year continuously with complete shift staff. With the very competitive daily admission rates and membership fees, patrons have access to the entire facility including the use of the indoor ...
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Greenbelters Biking the Anacostia River Trail

Greenbelters are discovering and even commuting to work via the bike path from Bladensburg Waterfront Park into D.C. or farther south along the river, thanks to the section south of Bladensburg that opened in October of 2016. It’s the much-anticipated completion of the Anacostia River Tributary System of trails. And it’s beautiful! Info and maps Anacostia Trails map (pdf) by ...
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On Camping in Greenbelt: A Volunteer’s Experience

By Glynn Wilson GREENBELT, Md. – Like a modern day Henry David Thoreau, I moved out of a house in town into the woods three years ago. The best place I found to camp near the nation’s capital turned out to be Greenbelt Park. Three years later, on the 200th anniversary of Thoreau’s birthday, I end up back here as ...
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Corner Make-over and Greenbelt’s Black-Eyed Susans

Last fall I wrote about the jungle-to-garden make-over I’d just started at the corner of Westway and Ridge Roads. To refresh, here’s what it looked like. I passed it every day and let’s just say it didn’t help my mood. I jumped at the chance to do a make-over – with donated plants and months of weeding. A year later here’s the ...
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Greenbelt (Almost) Gets a Great New Bike Trail

by Jeff Lemieux Greenbelt is putting the finishing touches on a great new bike trail that connects Cherrywood Lane, a key bike route that goes past the Greenbelt Metro station, with Branchville Ave, which is the main access road to Lake Artemesia and an entry point to the extensive Anacostia tributary trail system. The new connector trail allows cyclists to ...
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