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Video: Greenbelters Prepare for the Women’s March

Andy Zmidzinski is back with another Greenbelt Minute. In this one he interviews: Rachel Alexander of the Concerned Women of Greenbelt as they make signs for the January 21, 2017 Women's March on Washington. Hilary Howes, WMW Marshall. Pastor Glennyce Grindstaff of Greenbelt Community Church on housing out-of-towners here for the March ...
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Movie Review: “Hidden Figures”

Movie Review: “Hidden Figures”

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Review by Anna Socrates. Although I made straight A’s and grasped concepts quickly, my seventh-grade math teacher did not recommend me for an accelerated program to take algebra a year early. Her unsubtle message was that girls didn’t need higher mathematics. This pernicious message persists today, despite the efforts of parents and educators ...
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New “Greenbelt Minute” Video by Andy Z

Andy Zmidzinski's next Greenbelt Minute video, published January 10, 2017, features these news items: Post-election coping workshops. "A Visit from Scarface" opens at the Greenbelt Arts Center. MakerSpace becomes a worker cooperative ...
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What I didn’t know about the City of Greenbelt’s Finances

by Jeff Lemieux Did you know the City of Greenbelt’s share of the state pension system’s unfunded liability is $15,449,406, assuming the system achieves an investment return of 7.55%? Me neither! It’s on page 46, under Note 12 of the Notes to Basic Financial Statements, deep inside the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016, which was posted ...
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Greenbelt’s New Community Website – Greenbelt Online – Launches Today!

Happy New Year to Greenbelters everywhere! (Some who live here, many more who share the Greenbelt spirit.) And please welcome your shiny new community website - Greenbelt Online! It's also the new home of the former Greenbelt Live Blog. Here's how Greenbelt Online came about, what's on it, how you can get involved and a bit about Greenbelt's history of ...
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Nonprofits of Greenbelt, and How to Start a New One

Did you know that there are 197 tax-deductible nonprofit organizations in Greenbelt’s 20770 zip code? That’s according to this site. Or there are 133 of them, according to this listing, which is easier to browse and provides financial information for each one. Browsing the lists, I wasn’t surprised to find these well-known nonprofits: American Legion, ERHS Athletic Booster Club, Friends ...
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Greenbelt News December 2016

Enjoy the first of hopefully MANY great Greenbelt-newsy videos by Andy Zmidzinski. This month’s episode features scenes, interviews and commentary about: - New Deal Cafe’s transition - Greenbelt Holiday Tree Lighting - MakerSpace Open House - Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair ...
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Movie Review: “Loving”

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Review by Anna Socrates. Chief Justice Earl Warren presided over a Supreme Court that created seismic social shifts and changed the way we live. Landmark Warren Court decisions banned segregation in public schools (Brown v. Board of Education), mandated provision of legal counsel to poor defendants (Gideon v. Wainwright), and provided accused suspects ...
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First Reel and Meal at the New New Deal Cafe

Here’s what the New Deal Cafe’s front room looked like just two weeks ago at the very beginning of the installation of its brand new kitchen. Despite potential chaos in the kitchen, not to mention making the front room ready for customers, the Cafe’s beloved monthly film series Reel and Meal didn’t skip a beat, going on last night under ...
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Greenbelt is for Golf Carts! Well, NEVs

by Jeff Lemieux At a recent City Council work session on senior mobility, the discussion turned to personal anecdotes about unsafe elderly drivers. It’s a real dilemma, because most of us want to age in place and live out our lives independently in our homes. But it’s also true that there are some senior drivers who should have given up ...
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Where Greenbelters Donate their Used Stuff

I promised myself I’d get rid of half the clothes in my various closets and drawers, and find a good home for this chair I no longer want. But where can they do the most good? My search began for places to donate stuff, and boy, did I get answers when I posted that question to the Greenbelters Facebook group ...
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Celebrating Cleaner Water at Greenbelt Lake

We’ve all watched as some mysterious (to me) work has gone on at Greenbelt Lake for months now. An endangered worker there even made the news. But the work is finally completed and yesterday was the Grand Re-Opening of the Forebays – which are what, exactly? Well, here’s one of them. And this newly installed sign describes the role of ...
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Corner Make-over Needed a Make-over

Much has happened at the corner of Ridge Road and Westway since I posted "Corner Make-over in Old Greenbelt" just three weeks ago – thanks to the removal of two massive trees there by Pepco. CHANGE LINK I posted this “after” photo to the Greenbelters Facebook page and people were variously horrified and optimistic about whether the sedges would recover ...
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Corner Make-over in Old Greenbelt

Did you ever notice this weedy mess at the corner of Westway and Ridge Road, diagonal from Mishkan Torah? Weed shrubs were blocking driver visibility – MY visibility, since this corner was on my regular route home. Walking by, I noticed that the dominant plant was poison ivy. The whole thing began to really annoy me. So in August I ...
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Housing, Yes. FBI, No.

by Jeff Lemieux The city of Greenbelt supports the proposed FBI development at the Greenbelt Metro station. Meanwhile, some Greenbelt residents have launched a vocal campaign in opposition to a proposed housing development in Greenbelt. I now think these priorities should be reversed. Greenbelt should withdraw its support for the FBI complex. Alternatively, I believe we should reconsider supporting new ...
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Inside the Utopia Film Festival

The 12th Utopia Film Festival is coming up soon – this weekend – and I’ve been lucky enough to join the festival-planners as one of its screeners. That means getting together weekly to watch together some of the over 200 entrants for this year’s festival, and watching others at home via a special website used by film festivals around the ...
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Volunteers at Greenbelt Park are seeing the USA, one Park at a Time

Meet Mike Maxson, a Master Level Volunteer at Greenbelt Park, shown here helping man the park’s booth at Greenbelt’s Labor Day information event this year. Mike retired six years ago at the age of 60, after careers in the Marines, in manufacturing, for the TSA and then as a paid seasonal ranger at Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone. He tells ...
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SMART Recovery comes to Greenbelt. So what is it?

The City of Greenbelt recently announced new support groups for addictive and compulsive behaviors of all kinds through a program called SMART, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART meetings are sponsored by the city, housed in the Municipal Building and led by Teresa Smithson, an MSW therapist employed by Greenbelt’s CARES counseling program for over 20 years. SMART ...
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Movie Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Review by Anna Socrates. As a rule, remakes are usually exercises in misguided nostalgia—the second go-arounds almost never recapture the original magic. But every rule has its exception. Take House of Cards. When the brilliant British political satire crossed the Atlantic—and Francis Urquhart morphed into Frank Underwood—viewer got to experience a familiar story ...
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Bill Edwards and Sea Chanters Coming to ERHS

Page 1 of this week’s Greenbelt News Review features a handsome young Navy man, one I barely recognized as a neighbor, thanks to that uniform. But thanks to this article, I learned that he’s Greenbelter and Musician 1st Class Bill Edwards, one of the stars of the Navy Band’s Sea Chanters, and they’ll be kicking off Greenbelt’s Labor Day Festival ...
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