What to do in the Garden this Spring, in 400 Words

I was asked to write a short article for the GHI Communicator about what to do in the garden, for their April issue. So I enlisted help from the gardeners in GHI's Yard Solutions Task Force, and then boiled it down to the requested 400 words. Here's what we came up with: First, remove last year's stalks and dead leaves ...
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Movie Review “The Salesman”

Now Playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. My favorite award category—Best Foreign-Language Film—thankfully comes in the first hour of the Oscars. Indeed, many beloved foreign-language films—Incendies, Amelie, The Lives of Others—were originally Oscar winners or nominees, because an Oscar nod usually guarantees wider distribution in this country. An added bonus is that a foreign director sometimes will enjoy follow-on success ...
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Movie Review: I’m not Your Negro

Movie Review: I Am Not Your Negro

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Current TV shows and movies—if not real life—might convince you that the mid-20th century has made a comeback. The Amazon series Good Girls Revolt, set in 1969 and depicting underpaid female employees using the Civil Rights Act to sue a prestigious news magazine for the right to work as reporters, resonates with last ...
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Video: Support a Coffee Shop at the New Deal Cafe

Another great video by Andy Zmidzinski, this time to raise money for the New Deal's much-awaited coffee shop. The pitch is short; the quick tour of Roosevelt Center and the Cafe are great, but for this Cafe regular, the best bits are the shots of the folks behind the scenes at Cafe. Thanks to all of of them and to ...
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Who Knew Karaoke would be a Great Fit for Greenbelt?

I was one of those Karaoke scoffers, having only seen snippets of it in movies and TV, where the singers are often portrayed as drunks. But when Karaoke recently made its Greenbelt debut - at the New Deal Cafe - I had an open mind. Turns out, it's one of the most fun things you can do with your clothes ...
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Compost and other Creative Uses for Popcorn at Old Greenbelt Theatre

Ever wonder what happens to the unsold popcorn at the Old Greenbelt Theatre? This being Greenbelt, it's composted, naturally. I'm not sure I even knew popcorn could be composted, though a quick Googling of good sources confirmed that it can, as long as it's not drenched in flavor-enhancers. Not a problem. Unsold popcorn at the OGT is fine to compost ...
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Video: Todd Turner Listening Session

Video: Todd Turner Listening Session

Next up from Andy Zmidzinski, a "Greenbelt Minute" about County Councilman Todd Turner's recent listening session for Greenbelt residents. Topics include: tax increases, repeal of TRIM and possible Lakeside North development ...
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A Toasty Marathon through Greenbelt

With temperatures in the 70s this year, the DC Road Runners George Washington's Birthday Marathon through Greenbelt challenged runners still weeks away from getting acclimated to heat. In times of the year when temperatures are predicted in that range, races start hours earlier than this race's 10:00 gun. But hey, they could have been trudging through snow. Not to mention ...
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Next Laugh-in is “All for Aleppo”

Chris Lawrence, organizer of monthly Laugh-ins at the New Deal Cafe, got the idea to produce a benefit for Doctors without Borders in Aleppo by following Virginia-based comedian Rahmein Mostafavi on Facebook. There he learned that Rahmein is touring touring the comedy circuit, raising money for that cause. Rahmein explains that "I've done other fundraisers in the past, like for ...
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New Video: Council Votes against  High-Rise

New Video: Council Votes against High-Rise

The latest Greenbelt Minute news report from Andy Zmidzinski ...
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Trees – Worth more Dead than Alive (to Wildlife)

Walking around Greenbelt Lake, I’ve noticed the preponderance of snags – dead trees left standing. Here’s one along the path. Knowing they’re important for wildlife, I was happy to see so many, but it took a bit of googling to discover just HOW important. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, they actually provide MORE habitats for wildlife ...
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Movie review: La La Land

Movie Review: La La Land

Now showing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre Stephen Hawking and theoretical physics tantalize us with an alternative universe in which Zayn is still a member of One Direction. In another—or maybe the same—universe, the outcome of the 8 November 2016 elections gives the United States its first female president, but I hope the Chicago Cubs would still win the World ...
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Video: Don’t Leave our Trees to the Beavers

Can humans and beavers live in harmony? Discover the clever solutions to that dilemma when members of Greenbelt Public Works lead volunteers in that effort in Buddy Attick Park. Greenbelt Minute video by Andy Zmidzinski ...
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New Video: Citizens against High-Rise Development

Andy Z's latest "Greenbelt Minute" video tackles what may be the hottest topic in town ...
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Winter Interest around Old Greenbelt

Gardeners are always being recommended plants that provide "winter interest," so we don't get TOO depressed in the winter. Last month I went looking for winter interest around Old Greenbelt and snapped these examples of plants that provide color, texture and movement, even now. Above and below is the glorious Ilex verticulata, common name Winterberry holly. It's native to this ...
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Video: Greenbelters Prepare for the Women’s March

Andy Zmidzinski is back with another Greenbelt Minute. In this one he interviews: Rachel Alexander of the Concerned Women of Greenbelt as they make signs for the January 21, 2017 Women's March on Washington. Hilary Howes, WMW Marshall. Pastor Glennyce Grindstaff of Greenbelt Community Church on housing out-of-towners here for the March ...
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Movie Review: “Hidden Figures”

Movie Review: “Hidden Figures”

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Review by Anna Socrates. Although I made straight A’s and grasped concepts quickly, my seventh-grade math teacher did not recommend me for an accelerated program to take algebra a year early. Her unsubtle message was that girls didn’t need higher mathematics. This pernicious message persists today, despite the efforts of parents and educators ...
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New “Greenbelt Minute” Video by Andy Z

Andy Zmidzinski's next Greenbelt Minute video, published January 10, 2017, features these news items: Post-election coping workshops. "A Visit from Scarface" opens at the Greenbelt Arts Center. MakerSpace becomes a worker cooperative ...
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What I didn’t know about the City of Greenbelt’s Finances

by Jeff Lemieux Did you know the City of Greenbelt’s share of the state pension system’s unfunded liability is $15,449,406, assuming the system achieves an investment return of 7.55%? Me neither! It’s on page 46, under Note 12 of the Notes to Basic Financial Statements, deep inside the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016, which was posted ...
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Greenbelt’s New Community Website – Greenbelt Online – Launches Today!

Happy New Year to Greenbelters everywhere! (Some who live here, many more who share the Greenbelt spirit.) And please welcome your shiny new community website - Greenbelt Online! It's also the new home of the former Greenbelt Live Blog. Here's how Greenbelt Online came about, what's on it, how you can get involved and a bit about Greenbelt's history of ...
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