Greenbelt's 1st Community Website, 1996-2006

Way back in 1996, Greenbelt welcomed its first community website,, which served as a directory of all things Greenbelt and offered web space for local organizations and even private citizens. It also made email addresses available to member for a nominal fee, and over 100 people took advantage of that deal, with addresses like

All those services were provided under the auspices of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative, which sadly dissolved in 2006, after which time the site was no longer updated. Lovers of Greenbelt history are pleased that the site remains online, however, and continues to provide email accounts to a few of its former members. 

Greenbelt Online, Starting in 2017 

In early 2016, Greenbelt MakerSpace founder George Boyce called a meeting to discuss Greenbelt's need for a community website and other digital services. On January 1, 2017, Greenbelt Online launched as the first product of that meeting. It contains:

  • Community Directory of all things Greenbelt that are on the Internet.
  • Business Directory and Arts Directory, coming soon.
  • Greenbelt Blog, covering happenings, people, movie reviews, how-to information just for locals, think pieces, and much more. 250 articles that were published on the Greenbelt Live blog between 2012 and 2016 have been moved to the new Greenbelt Blog on this site (and Greenbelt Live is no longer). We expect frequent bloggers Susan Harris, Anna Socrates and Jeff Lemieux to be joined by new contributors to the blog in its new location.
  • Photo Galleries of curated shots taken in Greenbelt and documenting life here.
  • Videos about life in Greenbelt (also curated), which can be found, as well, on the new Greenbelt  Maryland YouTube Channel.
  • More coming, and your suggestions are welcome!

Greenbelt Online is available to design and host web pages for Greenbelt businesses and organizations that aren't already online.

Follow the Money

Greenbelt Online is a nonprofit corporation registered in Maryland, with an application for 501c3 application from the IRS currently pending. The plan is for expenses incurred in the creation and maintenance of the site to be paid eventually by grants and/or large donors but initially, through the small ($20) fee we ask businesses and professional performers and artists to pay to be listed on the Business or Arts Directory. There's no charge for Greenbelt's nonprofits to be listed on the Community Directory. 

Get Involved!

  • Write for the Greenbelt Blog, just once or more often. The editorial team will help with editing, illustrating and layout for the web, and you'll have a link to your article to share and put on your portfolio.
  • Submit your photos and videos for inclusion on the site.
  • Help curate others' photos and videos for this site and our Youtube channel. The (unpaid) jobs of Photo Editor and Video Editor are waiting to be filled.
  • Tell us if your organization is missing from the directory, or if the link is bad. Help make the site all-inclusive and error-free!
  • Help promote Greenbelt Online (and therefore Greenbelt itself).
  • What else? We're excited to hear your ideas. 

The Team

Greenbelt Online was designed and developed by Tanya Amaya and Bethany Gresser of the firm Analytic Design working from the Greenbelt MakerSpace offices in Roosevelt Center.

Greenbelt Online's editorial team, responsible for its content, is composed of Susan Harris, Anna Socrates and Julie Winters. They also set policies for the Greenbelt Blog.

Greenbelt Blog Policies

We encourage Greenbelters to share their stories and opinions on the Greenbelt Blog. The editorial team will help with editing, layout and illustrations. Blog posts must be about Greenbelt; authors may live anywhere. Language used on the site is family-friendly.

Contact Greenbelt Online to Volunteer or Make Suggestions

Written by Susan Harris, Editor


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