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Greenbelt, Maryland is one of the liveliest and most livable small towns in the U.S. It was established in 1937, one of three planned New Deal towns that were created with the purpose of providing employment and affordable housing during the Great Depression, while utilizing new and exciting ideas in town planning. Greenbelt is located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Latest on the Greenbelt Blog


New Video: Council Votes against  High-Rise

New Video: Council Votes against High-Rise

The latest Greenbelt Minute news report from Andy Zmidzinski ...
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Trees – Worth more Dead than Alive (to Wildlife)

Walking around Greenbelt Lake, I’ve noticed the preponderance of snags – dead trees left standing. Here’s one along the path. Knowing they’re important for wildlife, ...
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Movie review: La La Land

Movie Review: La La Land

Now showing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre Stephen Hawking and theoretical physics tantalize us with an alternative universe in which Zayn is still a member ...
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Video: Don’t Leave our Trees to the Beavers

Can humans and beavers live in harmony? Discover the clever solutions to that dilemma when members of Greenbelt Public Works lead volunteers in that effort ...
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New Video: Citizens against High-Rise Development

Andy Z's latest "Greenbelt Minute" video tackles what may be the hottest topic in town ...
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Winter Interest around Old Greenbelt

Gardeners are always being recommended plants that provide "winter interest," so we don't get TOO depressed in the winter. Last month I went looking for ...
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