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Greenbelt, Maryland is one of the liveliest and most livable small towns in the U.S. It was established in 1937, one of three planned New Deal towns that were created with the purpose of providing employment and affordable housing during the Great Depression, while utilizing new and exciting ideas in town planning. Greenbelt is located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George's County, Maryland.

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What to do in the Garden this Spring, in 400 Words

I was asked to write a short article for the GHI Communicator about what to do in the garden, for their April issue. So I ...
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Movie Review “The Salesman”

Now Playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. My favorite award category—Best Foreign-Language Film—thankfully comes in the first hour of the Oscars. Indeed, many beloved foreign-language ...
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Movie Review: I’m not Your Negro

Movie Review: I Am Not Your Negro

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Current TV shows and movies—if not real life—might convince you that the mid-20th century has made a comeback ...
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Video: Support a Coffee Shop at the New Deal Cafe

Another great video by Andy Zmidzinski, this time to raise money for the New Deal's much-awaited coffee shop. The pitch is short; the quick tour ...
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Who Knew Karaoke would be a Great Fit for Greenbelt?

I was one of those Karaoke scoffers, having only seen snippets of it in movies and TV, where the singers are often portrayed as drunks ...
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Compost and other Creative Uses for Popcorn at Old Greenbelt Theatre

Ever wonder what happens to the unsold popcorn at the Old Greenbelt Theatre? This being Greenbelt, it's composted, naturally. I'm not sure I even knew ...
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